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Monday, July 9, 2012


So recently I’ve been realizing how much Luthur’s world is going to change if we get this visa (and how much mine will if we don’t). I think this was really pointed out to me by a trip I got to go on with some of the students not too long ago. For this trip we went to the mini-zoo, Pigeon Island, and Pizza Pizza. It was soo much fun! The kids loved it, and I did too! It made me remember going to the zoo when I was in 1st grade, only with one difference. You see the zoo here is quite small. Less than 10 different types of animals. The animal that the kids liked the best was the talking Blue and Gold Macaw (the birds are always the highlight for me at the zoo!).

It also makes me that much more excited to show Luthur the zoo in the states! To get to show him and experience with him getting to see exotic animals from all over the world for the first time, blows my mind away. Simple things that I have taken for granted my whole life, like going to a huge zoo, students here don’t get to experience.

Not too long ago, I saw a yahoo! article about different playgrounds that every child should experience. The last place we went, Pizza Pizza is the only playground that I have seen on the island. (I’ve heard about one of the special educational schools that got one donated, but that’s the only other one I’ve even heard about). Schools do not have them, communities do not have them. Think of going to the park and swinging when you were a kid. That memory does not exist here because there are no parks that have swings.

I think that’s why people say multicultural relationships are harder. Backgrounds and memories are so different from each other. It just makes me excited to be able to show Luthur all the museums, zoos, playgrounds, parks, imax movies, trains, bridges, and restaurants that the US has. Maybe for our honeymoon we’ll go to the zoo…

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